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Configure basic cnc router

26 May 2017 16:07 #93670 by Eshmen
Hii Guys. I hope you can help me to configure my own machine ( cnc router ). I want to setting my movement because Y coordinate cant be moving. The other coordinate (x,z) can be move. For information Y coordinate based on table movement and then Z,X coordinate based on head spindle movement.
Anyone know it? Can i get suggestion or a tutorial because im so newbie and never use linuxcnc before..

That the attactment for give you a picture of my machine.
Can i use gmoccapy?

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26 May 2017 17:04 #93677 by Todd Zuercher
That is a simple moving table, fixed gantry design. It requires no special features to configure that setup in Linuxcnc. Start by reading the documentation, and playing with and examining some of the example configs that come with Linuxcnc. Once you feel you are ready, start working on the machine, and ask specific questions when you get stuck. Most people here are more than willing to lend a hand and answer questions.
Do you know what kind of hardware you will use for movement (motors, drives)? How would you like to interface your drives with the PC? These are a couple of questions you need to try to answer for yourself. Before you start buying things.

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