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Sherline CNC Mill Setup Microstepping

22 Aug 2017 13:20 #97868 by dmk166
dmk166 created the topic: Sherline CNC Mill Setup Microstepping
Hi, I used the defaults in stepconfig wizard to setup a Sherline mill. However, a command of .1" only moves the axis .05" (manual or via G commands). When I change the microstepping to 4 the movement is .1" for a command of .1". Why is 1/4 stepping needed? In multiple places on their website they mention half stepping for these motors. The spindle pitch is set to 20 rev/in which is 1 rev per .05" which is correct and the motors are set to 200 steps/rev. New to this so I'm sure I'm missing something so any help would be appreciated. Also, when I test the axis in stepconfig...and I set the travel to +/- 1" the travel seems correct using the 1/2 step setting. I only notice the error when I run the motors in manual or via G commands while using the completed config.
28 Aug 2017 12:40 #98084 by nicokid
nicokid replied the topic: Sherline CNC Mill Setup Microstepping
Problems with the unit of measure?
Have you tested the G20 and G21 commands?

04 Sep 2017 10:27 #98449 by verticalperformance
verticalperformance replied the topic: Sherline CNC Mill Setup Microstepping
If it helps, these are the settings for the x-axis on my Sherline 5400 Mill (inch), scaling is same for y and z. These basically came from the original Sherline supplied files with tweaks for backlash, and soft limits.
TYPE =                          LINEAR
HOME =                          0.000
MAX_VELOCITY =                  0.4
MAX_ACCELERATION =              1.0
STEPGEN_MAXVEL =                .4
STEPGEN_MAXACCEL =              1.7
BACKLASH = 			0.0046
INPUT_SCALE =                   16000
MIN_LIMIT =                     -4.510
MAX_LIMIT =                     4.510
FERROR = 			0.50
MIN_FERROR = 			0.100
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