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configuring LinuxCNC for DB25 1205 b.o.b.-is it possible?

01 Jan 2018 17:40 #103934 by routerdriver
I should introduce myself before asking a question.I have quite a bit of CNC experience as far as programming and using is concerned and I have finally arrived at a point where I would like a small CNC router in my home workshop.The machine is now complete and I have moved all 3 axes using a battery drill.

Now comes the challenging part-getting it to move under power in the manner needed.I have downloaded the .iso and fired up the computer with a live cd to try things out.As stated in the thread title,the motor side of things is a package from Longs motor with a DB25 1205 board and 3 DM542A drive modules.I have followed the wiring diagram from their website and appear to have the correct voltage at all of the terminals when connected.I ran a latency test and the figure of 79000 nanoseconds was displayed,so I entered this in the box provided and went to stepconf.I didn't expect to find a preset configuration and selected "other" and worked my way through the various boxes and pin configuration parameters.At which point I arrived at X axis test and when I tried that-nothing happened.

Is my computer too slow from the latency figure I have given?do I need to connect the enable terminals on the DM542A?I held off doing that because of a warning in a youtube video about burning out the module if both are connected,but this was with a Mach3 installation.

Do I have to get hold of a Mesa board or will I have the same problems?I really would like to be producing parts for my model projects and am finding the whole saga a bit frustrating.Maybe I am the first to try this particular cocktail of parts or maybe somebody here has done it and could speed up my build by sharing their knowledge.
02 Jan 2018 08:29 #103947 by AnnoyingMutt
79000 does appear to be a bit too high for software step-dir generation. They are some ways to reduce this, it also helps to state your machine config: ie MB, CPU, Memory and the like or whether it is office type machine. The more info available the easier it will be to help.

Generally any breakout board that connects via Parallel Port will work, anything to do with USB will not.


Have a look through the forum for things to do to reduce latency.

If you want help with a particular manufacturer's product it does help if you can provide links to any product pages and documentation.
21 Jan 2018 16:51 - 21 Jan 2018 17:01 #104800 by eFalegname
now I have five years mounted the db25 1205 bob on my cnc router and I must say that it never stopped doing its job in an excellent way, I recently found these videos on how to configure it on linuxcnc, I post them because they are very clear. 79000 of jitter it's definitely too much, IMHO in your case is better change the motherboard to one with less latency (ex: H97M-E35), otherwise you may consider to add a mesa fpga 5i25 (6i25) to your pc.

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