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How to import a configuration from Emc2 2.3?

02 Aug 2018 09:43 #115389 by Havana7
Hello to all.
I saved the config folder of EMC2 ver. 2.3 from an old PC. Now I would like to set up a new installation of LinuxCnc. Which files are useful from the old installation? Can I transfer files directly? What are the important files?

Thanks so much.

02 Aug 2018 10:33 #115390 by tommylight
The configs folder should do nicely if you do not have any special comps installed.
02 Aug 2018 10:37 #115392 by Havana7
Can I safely copy the folder to the new LinuxCnc 2.7 folder?
02 Aug 2018 11:15 #115395 by tommylight
That is a config for a proxon, right? That is easy to set up even if you do not have the config.
03 Aug 2018 11:10 - 03 Aug 2018 11:10 #115499 by andypugh
There are a few minor changes to be made when using a 2.3 config with 2.7.14

You only need to pay attention to the _configuration_ changes on these pages, ignore the actual upgrade instructions.
<nothing to do for 2.3 to 2.4>

You can just try running your existing configs and correct the errors one by one.
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