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Wantai SS880 drivers with DB25-1205 BOB

01 Mar 2019 21:06 #127459 by hIGGI

I just got Wantai SS880 drivers, 86HBM80-1000-1 motors and DB25-1205 BOB

I wired it in and managed to get it turning in LinuxCNC.

Is there someone actually using this setup, and willing/able to provide best settings for both drivers, wiring and of course settings in linuxcnc configuration?

I am sure i will reach limits of the BOB and will eventually upgrade it to something more advance / faster (Mesa?), but for beginning, i would like to try setup i have now.

Plan is to use these motors in direct drive setup on RF45 clone benchtop milling machine, with double ballnut ballscrews (RM2005)


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02 Mar 2019 14:19 #127508 by pl7i92
your bob is limited to

so best to go for stable is 2500 2500 5000 8000 in stepconf wizard
as on a BASE of 100000 Internal take your latency around 25000 up to max 150000

as on a Regular start tuning on 40 VEL 120ACC METRIC
go ut the ACC by 50 on a TEST movement 5mm +-
till it stals out
around 750 Shoudt be the MAX on 800Steps per mm
then set it to 550 ACC
and start Vel UP to the limit around 120mm/sec
reduce to 80 and you are a Fine working setup

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