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TB6600 configuration issue servos won't move

23 Dec 2019 13:59 #153101 by tommylight
The files he attached are from two different configs, and the one he is using is missing one file.

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23 Dec 2019 15:16 #153109 by jklmuk

Thanks for your help and sorry i didn't get back to you sooner i got dragged out Christmas shopping.

Based on the comments above i wasn't sure what you were meaning bu 2 config different config files but concluded that i had been messing around with the files too much so probably had created problems myself.

Before implementing your solutions i opted to create a clean slate config files and ran it and the stepper motor responded but was a bit jerky but seems to be getting better so may just be because it has been sat around for several years collecting dusty.

The only difference between today's attempt and yesterday's was that everything was plugged it and powered on before i turned the computer on. Yesterday, the computer was on and i powered up and connected the board later. Do you think this could have been the cause?

thanks for your help


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