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HSS 57 and HSS 86 closed loup stepper drivers

09 Jun 2021 21:09 #211640 by Gordon49
Has anybody worked out the optimum timings for these generic closed loup drivers?

I have changed my settings from the basic in stepconf (5000 -5000 - 20000 - 20000) to 500 - 500 - 5000 - 1000 and gained a big improvement in the acceleration on the HSS 57 drivers. The HSS drivers do not show much improvement but the are driving the knee of a myford VMC with a 8N/m 34 frame stepper at 30mm/sec and 100mm/sec acceleration,

The 2.2N/m on the x and y axis have improved considerably to 38mm/sec and using the test in stepconf up to 600mm/sec acceleration. In use I am using 350mm/sec acceleration.

I am using the basic 400 steps to rev and 3/1 reduction on the X and Y and 4/1on the Z.

I have been unable to use micro stepping as I get a joint error every time - bit of a pain as I have to dismantle everythinge to change the settings.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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11 Jun 2021 10:43 #211796 by andypugh
Step length really should not have any affect on acceleration. If the pulse length is too long then there may not be time to fit in the pulses to reach the required step rate, but typically step length just needs to be long enough to work reliably. That is all that is required.

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