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Where do I get the pwm rate from?

25 Nov 2021 02:50 - 25 Nov 2021 03:04 #227552 by PhilipME
The actual spindle speed does not mach the m3sxx command in the MDI terminal

Where do I get the pwm rate from?
I have the bob in the picture  (If it is needed for determining the pwm rate entry in the stepconf spindle page ! )

question 2 for calibration:
do I need to measure the 0-10 volt and if it is for example 1 volt, then for calibration I enter pwm signal as 0.1 and take the reading from the spindle vfd of the speed say 40 herts = 2400 rpm

and the second point for example 9.8 volt means pwm(The maximum the bob gives)  = 1 and the rpm is 24000 rpm for the second point.

Is my understanding correct?

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