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Chinese 5 Axis break out board and driver setup

17 Apr 2022 03:11 - 17 Apr 2022 03:23 #240437 by gravehop
I am not sure what I'm doing wrong here I found a thread talking about what i think are the same drivers Im working with but my motors still dont move in neither Test or in manual , my pins are set to what the manual says and I do hear a sound when opening the test axis but no motor movement at all just noise. Does anyone have this setup that can help me? Thank you! 

Driver: MD430-V1 
BOB: "Cnc interface board lv 3.3 
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19 Apr 2022 22:42 #240699 by andypugh
Are the motors locked? (This indicates that the drives are enabled, if they are)

The most common cause of what you describe is that the step and direction wires have been swapped. Even if what you have matches the documentation then I would suggest swapping them anyway. The documentation on these boards is frequently wrong.

Also, what step time did you specify? You should use at least 5000nS.

It might also be worth inverting the step pulse polarity.

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