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Configuring EMC on a belt-driven router

14 Oct 2009 19:32 #975 by scoop113
Hi folks,

I am new to both EMC and CNC, so I beg your patience with my stupid questions.

I recently purchased an old Gerber AR400 router table that has been converted to Gecko drives. The previous owner ran it with Mach3, but I want to try EMC2. However, I'm running into some confusion with the Stepper Configuration Wizard. The lead screw entries have me stumped because my machine is belt-driven.

The previous owner was able to give me some information, but he's not familiar with EMC so couldn't give me detailed help.

Here's what I know:
Drives: Gecko 203V
Steps per inch: 6,660 on the X and Y axes; 10,000 on the Z
Steps per revolution: 2,000

I have the Mach3 configuration file. Is there a way to find the needed information in there? I can ask the previous owner for more information, but I need to know what questions to ask.

All help is appreciated.


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16 Oct 2009 12:06 #983 by BigJohnT
Hi Mike,

All you really need to know is steps per revolution and steps per inch. Divide the steps per inch by the steps per revolution and that is your lead screw pitch. Look at the bottom of the page to confirm you have it correct.

You most likly have the following for X and Y as most geckos are 10 microsteps.

step per rev 200
microsteps 10
pulley teeth 1
leadscrew pitch 3.33

I have a belt driven plasma table.


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