Strech and touchscreen

04 Sep 2017 14:48 #98482 by Mike_Eitel
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Thx Andy.
That utility does not work. It does not find a device, also my screen works fine, just heavily misscalibrated.

In strech they changed devicenames. It's no more eth0, so maybe the touchscreen driver does simmilar...

I wonder if i realy need strech?
11 Oct 2017 17:44 #100220 by Mike_Eitel
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Took a while but now I have a calibrated touchscreen.

I deinstalled libinput and installed evdev system. And xinput-calibrator calibrator.
All as root.
I loaded 99-cal..... In usr/share/X11 as proposed.
Never saw the values in that file as start values in xinput-calibrator...

Switched to normal user...
I also, not completely understood why needed but, had to set permission of the usr/share/X11 directors to rw for all three.
Now I saw a reaction and also xinput-calibrator showed the values in the file. Can not use the resulting values of that program, but with some systematic try and error I found the needed values.
08 Jan 2018 14:13 - 08 Jan 2018 14:15 #104162 by verkbr
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getting a touchscreen (egalax) to work is easy to do:

get the driver from the Eeti website. Unpack driver. Go to folder and do sudo sh

Then it still does not work. Go to usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d
then change with nano the file 53-egalax-virtual.conf. Replace void with evdev.

apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-evdev

And then the Touchscreen works.

You only need the calibration. Install xinput-calibrator. touch the 4 crosses on the screen and copy the outcome.
Put the outcome in 10-evdev.conf same folder as before.

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04 Jun 2018 17:20 #111610 by tecno
Replied by tecno on topic Strech and touchscreen
Above is not for non-HID type, tried to install but no-go.
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