Preemptive RT on Jessie or Stretch?

07 Jul 2018 13:38 #113667 by tommylight
Consider this a message !
I do not like writing to e-mails, they are private and should remain so. I have had plenty of forum users sending me e-mails with the same questions as here on the forum. And therein lies the problem as if i reply to them they get my e-mail address so the spam runs rampant ! Already had one private email made useless after several years of use by some users on some other forums.
Usually i give my mobile phone number way easier than the e-mail.
Unfortunately this forum does not have private messages.
Make it available for a limited time on google drive or similar and remove it after the time expires.
Thank you.
07 Jul 2018 14:33 #113670 by AnnoyingMutt
Sharing has been removed, files are longer available.
07 Jul 2018 22:41 - 07 Jul 2018 22:42 #113732 by andypugh

bymccoy wrote: So, since last asking in May, has anybody else gotten Jessie/Stretch working?

Yes, by the simple expedient of using the LinuxCNC Stretch live-DVD.
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