Preemptive RT on Jessie or Stretch?

14 Sep 2018 18:30 #117552 by Grotius
Yes. Old steam machines are used 100 years ago. Old cpu's are used 10 year's ago. If you want to use old cpu, i think you have to compile linuxcnc 1.0
I hope github will be able to go back to this version. Linux is just like an old arcade game. You can go back in time.
18 Sep 2018 13:59 #117717 by twoflowers
Well, this is not the point: LinuxCNC 2.8 simulation and kernel work perfectly on these older systems. RTAI Kernel work quite ok. What does not work is the PREMPT-RT kernels. I just got bitten by the same effect on machinekit+BBB: xenomai kernel works like a charm, preempt-rt does not (0.5s latency .. that's something to be beaten).
08 Oct 2018 10:03 - 08 Oct 2018 10:07 #118533 by twoflowers
In the meantime I made a bit of a progress: This latency-histogram from the latest linuxcnc build from git on devuan ascii. It's running on a T60 (ATI) with coreboot, NMI and SMI disabled, vesa graphic driver, modem + wlan removed. The only thing I'm not happy with is the old kernel from wheezy :S
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