How do I do a manual tool change?

26 Oct 2016 16:54 #82101 by robksawyer
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Thanks! I haven't cracked open the file yet, but if you're able to elaborate on what you changed in the file to cancel out or allow manual mode, I'd appreciate it. Id really like to understand some of the content of these scripts. What manual would I refer to if I wanted to make my own script like this?
15 Mar 2017 20:39 #89685 by Andyf97
Andyf97 replied the topic: How do I do a manual tool change?
( an old thread yes, but I was wanting to do the same today )
( SO I boched up this bit of G-code )

( Position the head over each hole in turn and use tool change )
( commands to pause the g-code while we manually tap that hole. )

( Manually adjust Z to be higher than anything, then test it.)
( After testing, place Z close to your work )

( M05 Ensure the spindle is not running, or dissable it with a key, in Tormach PCNC exists a lockout Key )


(Drill 1 position )
G00 X20.7897 Y15.1542

(Drill 2 position )
G00 X20.8303 Y45.1541

(Drill 3 position )
G00 X60.8065 Y42.6206

(Drill 4 position )
G00 X60.7727 Y17.6206

(Drill 5 position )
G00 X91.9000 Y20.8285

(Drill 6 position )
G00 X91.9250 Y39.3285

(Drill 7 position )
G00 X116.7250 Y39.2950

(Drill 8 position )
G00 X116.6999 Y20.7950

( Return to the beginning )
G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000

( End the program )
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