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10 Oct 2016 07:49 #81497 by grump
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Cheers Andy, yes I had seen that and it still wasn't registering in my tiny mind that geometry and coordinates are different.
I have been to my other confusers and still typed in Coordinates instead of Geometry and wondered why it don't work. Is it an age thing or just stupid? My ol dad used to say "when you're dead, you're dead, the people affected are those around you. Same when you're a bloody idiot."
10 Oct 2016 08:05 #81498 by grump
grump replied the topic: Rotary view
So to WRAP up this subject (pun intended even though it's poor).

The only change you need to make is to add this line in the display section of your .ini file.


Don't mess with anything else.
Don't confuse the issue like I did.
Don't think it's hard or complicated or you need to learn coding.
Don't be a plonker like me, simply copy that line and paste it at the bottom of the "DISPLAY" section in your .ini file.
I hope this helps someone who may has the same problem, thanks for your help and patience with a stupid old git, I finally have the message deeply embedded and bookmarked this thread in case I forget.
19 Jan 2017 09:49 #86135 by SteveT
SteveT replied the topic: Rotary view
Had the same problem after setting up my new 4th axis, thank for a nice easy solution.
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