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08 Oct 2015 20:59 #63572 by eFalegname
Jerry thank you very much for giving me the inspiration. Until now the probes work fine. I found a temporary way to link the probe mode (NO or NC) to the probe image on the pyvcp. If you have a prettier and more stable solution please share it.
Note: I have a debounce group previously added
loadrt xor2

addf xor2.0 servo-thread
addf debounce.1 base-thread

setp debounce.1.delay 10000

net probe-fixed		xor2.0.in1		
net probe-renishaw 	debounce.1.0.out		        xor2.0.in0		        pyvcp.probe
net probe-in 		        xor2.0.out			        pyvcp.probe_led.on

And for the pyvcp panel:
<image name="renishawpic.png"   		file="/your image directory path/renishawpic.png"/>
<image name="probepic.png"   			file="/your image directory path/probepic.png"/>
<labelframe text="PROBE">
<image_bit halpin="probe" 	images="probepic.png		renishawpic.png"/>
08 Oct 2015 22:13 #63577 by cncbasher
great you have it working , a good addition too
08 Oct 2015 22:33 #63579 by Askjerry
Be sure to post a screenshot of your panel for others to see... and/or a video of it in operation.

If you need help creating panel graphics just let me know!
09 Oct 2015 14:48 - 10 Oct 2015 03:45 #63598 by eFalegname
Jerry I promise the video for later, for now I can upload some pictures. Give me just some time to understand how the guy's screen for probe works.
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09 Oct 2015 20:37 #63622 by Askjerry
Screen probe... do you mean screenshot?

Linux has a screenshot built into the accessories. Just run it and it will take a shot and save it... then you can upload it here.

If you ever want to record a video of the screen... you can install "Record My Desktop"
09 Oct 2015 21:55 - 10 Oct 2015 03:46 #63625 by eFalegname
Jerry, really?, very interesting! :laugh:

Probe Screen
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09 Oct 2015 22:15 - 09 Oct 2015 22:20 #63626 by eFalegname
I had some noise problems with the probe because the probe is not isolated, I did not remember that I had the ground cable fixed to the spindle connector body to avoid using the clip. Now all is resolved, unplugging the spindle the probe works nice.

This is the link for the probe ,
It seems a good thing.
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09 Oct 2015 23:35 - 09 Oct 2015 23:38 #63630 by eFalegname
When LinuxCNC starts the probe parport pin is NO (IN-NOT) and the fixed probe is ready to go. The led is red but when the bit touches the probe it turns green.

When the Renishaw style probe is plugged the led turns red, the image of the probe changes and the probe parport pin automatically change the state to NC (IN) as well, then when the probe contacts the led turns green.

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10 Oct 2015 02:23 - 10 Oct 2015 02:23 #63634 by Askjerry
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11 Oct 2015 03:57 - 11 Oct 2015 04:32 #63676 by Askjerry
I had an idea... since you have two types of probes and two possible states... the binary numbers could be combined to give you one of four possible states...


11 = Renishaw Contact (Decimal 3)
10 = Renishaw No Contact (Decimal 2)
01 = Standard with contact (Decimal 1)
00 = Standard no contact (Decimal 0)

Your actual states may differ... but still four possible states... so you could use four possible images instead of two images and two LED states...

I made these at 180x180 which appears to be the right scale for you if you wish to use them. If you like the concept, but not the images... I can chage them too.

Actually... this might be better...

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