Spindel controll with ladder

20 Apr 2010 15:05 #2637 by tklocke

I have got a problem to controll the spindel of our machine. To controll my spindel i have to send a command to the machine. It's a kinda decoded, like a 4 bit pattern. so i'm using 4 outputs for it. (e.g. 0 0 1 0 means forward and 1100 means reverse) I have to stobe another pin to activate the command. I've got no problem in doing that. it's working pretty good.

My Problem is, if i am sending the command "FORWARD" and strobe the pin for 100ms, the command is not executed. because of a lot hard wired stuff in the back of the maschine. the reason is that a release produces an programming error if i am strobin for more than 100ms. I hope this explanation is good enough. So how can it set the timer for less than 100ms?

Otherwise I can send the REVERSE command. If I would be able to inverse the analog output (using the ladder logic) I could do the same without sending the FORWARD command.

Background: I'm sending the bit pattern. One of this Pins is the "problem pin". If its one and I am strobing for more than 100ms I got this error.

Hope you can help me.



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21 Apr 2010 01:45 #2643 by cmorley
100 ms is the minimum time for Classicladder without change to the source code.
You could use a comp component - either oneshot :
or possibly timedelay:
or an external delay electronics.

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