Thread 'servo-thread' not found.

11 Oct 2017 22:12 #100239 by Vitran
I am getting the hang of linuxcnc again but I am running into some challenges. I haven't found an error like the one I have.

I got my program running without the ladder, and now want to get the tool changer working. I added

Loadrt classicladder_rt
Addf classicladder.0.refresh servo-thread

To the start of the .hal file. This prompted the servo-thread error as per this post's name. What or where could I look to solve this?
12 Oct 2017 23:46 #100313 by andypugh
I suspect that you added the new line into a section of the file before the "loadrt motmod" which creates the servo thread.

(generally that won't say exactly that, it will be loadrt [SOMETHING[FROM_THE_INI but it will resolve to "motmod"
13 Oct 2017 02:47 #100315 by Vitran
That seems to be it. I didn't know that the order of the code in the .hal files mattered. Thanks!
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