ClassicLadder TUrret using mesa 5i25 w 7i76

10 Feb 2018 05:52 #105692 by Jakemestre1
Hello everybody,
I am trying to get my home built turret to work with linuxcnc via classic ladder. I'm a bit unsure how to even start honestly. I've checked out the example turret tutorial but I'm pretty confused about how to get this to work with the mesa 5i25/7i76 and its stepgenerator.

Here's a photo of the setup.
File Attachment:

I've got an air cylinder that actuates the turret connected to output-03. A PNP proximity sensor on the main pulley as index connected to input-07. There's another PNP prox sensor to sense the turret closed as well. And lastly a little step/dir closed loop stepper hooked up to stepper2. It's a little mechaduino connected as a step/dir stepper. Do I need to define another stepper, say Y or A in my ini and hal files? Then what do I do about the classicladder step and dir outputs?:
net tstep <= stepgen.2.step =>
net tdir <= stepgen.2.dir =>

Any help on this would be super appreciated. I'm a complete newb when it comes to linuxcnc.
Thanks in advance.
Jake Mestre
11 Feb 2018 00:40 #105729 by cmorley
Ok first what sequence of events need to be done for this to work.

Does one turn the turret open loop till a sensor fires or does it move to a position?
Does it need to be homed or do the sensors detect the absolute turret position?
Are you using a parallel port or a MESA card (I saw your other post - so probably MESA)
have you had this running with something else, if so what was the sequence used?

I like to make a list of inputs and outputs etc and what they mean.
input 1 bit index of position 1
input 2 bit turret closed
output 1bit air cylinder closed

output 2 bit step
output 3 bit direction

output 2 s32 position

then write a sequence of events.
Then try to duplicate in ladder programming.
Then add fault code.

Something like that anyways.
Chris M
26 Feb 2018 20:52 #106567 by andypugh
You might be able to use just HAL and no Ladder with a G-code subroutine for the sequencing.

See the sim/axis/vismach/vmc_toolchange for a virtual machine simulation that does that.
27 Mar 2018 23:01 #108009 by BigJohnT
I have an example simulator for a lathe turret it may or may not help.

31 Mar 2018 05:50 #108164 by Jakemestre1
Thanks guys, I really appreciate your help. I've got it running with a remapped M6 and some sweet code from Andy. I couldn't figure out how to control the position of the turret in classic ladder. I don't know if it's possible. But with some remapping and a little simple gcode with o word logic I've got it running the way I want. Thanks again for all the support.
29 Apr 2018 22:49 #109834 by keithmech
any chance you could post what you did for future reference?
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