Looking for example clp for ATC random tool changer Mill with/without carousel

30 Sep 2023 02:42 #281904 by camb0

It's a random tool changer on a matsuura mc500v mill w 16 pockets, the head Z axis doesn't need to move as part of the tool change sequence as it used two air actuators to move the magazine into position and do the change.  It has a motor fwd/rev, a pocket signal and an index signal, so it looks like classicladder with the carousel component should be able to do it.

I'm a noob with classic ladder, I've configured some very basic things so what I'm hoping for is a sim (for 2.9) with CL or a worked example for an older version that's has well named variables or is documented a little so I can follow it/understand it/re-purpose it.  I've managed to find some machine configs (older machines) from the forums but they're not well documented (granted it's hard to document them well given the hal pins/CL variables/Rungs etc).

Thx in advance,

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01 Oct 2023 23:14 - 01 Oct 2023 23:25 #282035 by camb0
I've made some progress over the weekend, stepped away from the machine and the thoughts started to come.
I've setup 3 rungs and tested them:
1) Tool Change ready - sets an internal signal when we're ready to change (machine-on, air-pressure etc)
2) Magazine out - sends the magazine out once the spindle is locked and sets and internal signal to true once complete.
3) Tool-in / Tool-out - Releases the tool, drops the mag and holds, then puts the tool back and locks

So I've got the movements sorted now I need to do the following:
A) Work out how to 'move' with a single HAL pin so the spindle lock can kick in (doing by hand atm)
"B") Connect the CL lines to the Carousel
C) Home the carousel when the machine homes
D) Figure out how to hook it all together
E) Cleanup the HAL and add in more safety/protections/timeouts.
F) Connect it to the 'machine' so when a tool is asked for it can do it's thing

I've attached the HAL and the ladder.
Apols the HAL is super messy as I was using another config from someone else as inspiration.
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02 Oct 2023 04:41 #282042 by camb0
Motion is working now, and co-ordinated.
-VAR %B5 triggers the mag-out, then tool-out.
-Waits for %B11 which will end up as the carousel is ready flag
-Then continues with the tool-in
-The mag-out ends

Next steps:
-Work out a single HAL pin to Advance the spindle so that the spindlelock drops into place.
-Work out the signal to wait for on the carousel
-Work out how to hook into the carousel
-Get the tool change signal from g-code or the gui to call the toolchg1 signal.
-Add safety logic and cleanup the files.

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19 Oct 2023 07:07 #283277 by Becksvill
hey just browsing the forum and saw this

i have used classic ladder and the carousel component for toolchangers

on all future toolchangers i think i will use the carousel component and gcode subroutines they are awesome and really easy to check inputs and put all sorts of safety stuff into

but then classic ladder is good for just the few things that are really hard elsewhere like counters and timers lol

i have a few configs laying around but it is really hard to show and i am still learning so my configs are not very well documented haha

this video is where the light came on for me

couple of tips i struggled with

so you have a few options for connecting the carousel component.

you need to connect carousel enable to a digital output

eg if connected to digitat output 00 you type m64 p0 to turn it on

and then m65 p0 to turn it off

carousel must be turned off briefly before turning on.


m65p0 (turn off carousel)
m64p0 (turn on carousel)

then you can connect the carousel pocket number to a digital analog output

if connected to digital analog output 00

m68 E0 Q4 (this will set value to 4 eg tool 4)

so you can test in MDI

m68 E0 Q4

this will set the FWD or REV motor pin on

when set in index mode which is what i use the carousel component rotates until it sees the home sensor and then the next pocket sensor

then it will rotate to the correct pocket.

second option is you can connect the carousel pocket number to the IO tool number and just use IO control to manage the tool numbers

there is lots of other stuff to learn but hopefully this is a start and helps a bit

i will try check back and see if you need any other help cheers


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