Mini lathe conversion to CNC

28 Aug 2018 16:22 #116720 by andypugh
It looks like the estop-ext signal doesn't go anywhere.
(A signal connected to only one pin can not do anything)

Add net estop-ext iocontrol.0.emc−enable−in

Depending on how the external button is wired you might need to connect to input-18-not
29 Aug 2018 03:40 #116759 by tml
Replied by tml on topic Mini lathe conversion to CNC
I added in that line but when I try to start up LinuxCNC again it gave me an error saying that it was already linked to something.

After a little searching I found this thread for a HAL example for external E-stop:

It uses the ESTOP_LATCH component and I just changed the last line to match the mesa hardware and it seems to be working now. The Axis screen now shows the X button depressed when I push the switch and stepper motor also stops counting.
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