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I am upgrading a lathe with ANILAM control with DC servos. On that side I have no problem. The problem is with the turret for the automatic tool change. This turret is manufactured by BARUFFALDI and model TOE 100. The tool change is completely electric and the motor is 3-phase AC. It has a 4-bit absolute encoder plus a parity signal and a strobe signal. I have consulted all the components for managing lathe turrets, including the carousel, but due to the way it operates, none of them fit its operation. For what reason? All tool changes include the change of motor rotation direction, this is done by the carousel but automatically and only when the motor initially rotates forward, then if the time of the carousel pin is programmed.N.rev-pulse it will rotate in the opposite direction, but when the initial movement is in reverse it does not change direction subsequently. I understand that this function is for some type of ATC on Boxford and Emco lathes. Another problem is that the strobe pin is usually used to indicate that the position feedback signal is valid. In this turret, this encoder output does the same but in the operation of the turret it is used differently, it is not used to indicate the valid position of the selected tool, but to indicate when the strobe signal falling, but from the previous tool to the one selected, for example from T1 to T3, what is used is when the stobe signal of the tool T2 is falling and if the change is from T1 to T11, the turret rotates in the opposite direction along the smaller path , and what is used is the falling side of the strobe signal from tool T12. And what is the use given to this signal in the operation of this turret, when the drop in the strobe signal of the tool previous to the selected one is detected, this activates a solenoid that drives a cam, which initially lowers to the edge of the axis that rotates the turret and later when the axis continues rotating that cam falls into a slot inside the axis, this slot corresponds to the selector tool, which causes this cam to block a crown and in turn when completely lowered by The action of the solenoid activates a proximity sensor that changes direction of the motor rotation in the opposite direction to the initial rotation, this causes the motor to push a piece forward blocking the turret and also activates the signal from a proximity sensor indicating that The turret is locked and this in turn stops the motor and activates the magnetic brake on the turret motor.In this video you can see how the TOE 100 turret is unlocked. Initially the motor rotates an internal crown that causes the crown locking proximity sensor to be deactivated, this can be seen at the top, then it looks like The piece that locks the turret moves backwards, unlocking it and then you can see how the axis that rotates the turret begins to rotate, you initially see that the edge of the turret axis appears and then a slot appears that corresponds to the position correctness of each tool. The blockage was already explained previously.

These photos show the turret locked and unlocked as well as the soleinoid deactivated and activated.     



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Seems like that would need some hal wizardry, but my brain is still off, so not helping much, but using oneshot attached to carousel output to fire revrse might work for a single direction toolchange/turret, both directions would need more logic, so is it acceptable to have it single direction?
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