ShopBot System Conversion

07 May 2012 13:28 #19902 by crmorano
So, after some intermittent high priority projects entirely unrelated to this project, I now have converted our old ShopBot system to use EMC. For those who use a ShopBot for non-standard applications (CNC Routing) and you run into problems, I highly recommend doing this. We ran the system continuously for a few hours without any problems in an extremely electrically noisy environment, where the same process would fail once every 10 minutes or more previously.

It was a fairly simple process, the complicated/time-consuming parts being understanding how everything works together, not the actual implementation once I understood that. Total cost was about $300 at most for parts the conversion ($200 for the MESA 7i76 Plug-n-go, at most another $100 in parts) and not a whole lot of time (Maybe 40-80 man hours, the time I spent on it was spread out so I'm not sure). When I get a moment, I'll write up a tutorial on how to do this, as I do need to repeat the process on a second system.

Thanks again for your help guys.

Oh, and the motors are limited to a minimum of 500 micro-steps.

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