Mechanical Touch Off Tool Recommendation

28 Aug 2012 12:51 #23711 by Chipmunk

I made a simple device for accurately gauging the hight of the cutting edge of a tool bit above the work surface using a piece of 1/2 inch round stock. I cut a piece of this stock 1 inch long. I then drilled a off center hole in it 5/16 inch in diameter. You now have a piece of stock that will always roll to the heavy side. Prop this device against your tool bit with the heavy side up. Now slowly raise your tool bit; when the clearance is the diameter of stock the device will automatically role roll to the heavy side. The distance between the tool bit and the work will be the diameter of the stock.

ps Make sure that the material you use for your round stock is non magnetic as any magnetism will affect the accuracy of the device.

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