I had this crazy idea - Lets build a shock dyno with Linuxcnc

16 Jan 2020 11:24 #155015 by rodw
Thanks guys. Its very encouraging to have some feedback and interest in this crazy project. Andy, I did have a quick look at the back cover today. Its held on by 4 screws. I've been pretty reluctant to take the motor out of the crate it came in because its bolted down and is forkliftable as it is. I weighed it on my vehicle scales as it came in and it was 124kg so its not easy to mover
around. But then I remembered I have a small but solid trolley on wheels that has a 60mm plywood top on it. So I think when I get a chance, I'll bolt the motor down on that and it will still be mobile. That way I can work on it and push it out of the road when I'm not. Who knows the trolley might become part of the build.

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17 Jan 2020 11:02 #155057 by andypugh

rodw wrote: Andy, thanks. I did give this a bit more thought and at one stage I got close to ringing up a gear supplier but got interrupted.

It has just occurred to me that we seem to be stuck in 19th Century thinking.
It should be perfectly possible to 3D print the big bevel gear with an integrated toothed-belt pulley.
(I have a CAD package that can make accurate 3D models of bevel gear sets)
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