XYUV toolpath generator

04 Jul 2013 04:32 #36292 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic XYUV toolpath generator

Is it possible to have both?

Yes, but not via buildbot.
If you download the full source and compile then you can have as many versions as run-in-place (ie, installed in a directory rather than in the Linux tree) as you want. You can then choose the one you want by use of a script.
Otherwise, there can only ever be one installed version.

Anyway, here is a shot about 30 seconds after I fired up LinuxCNC and reloaded my test gcode that I was using in the above screenshots.

Yes, that looks like master. You can turn off the offset numbers from the View menu. There is (I think) a base-grid option in there too.

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17 Oct 2015 02:28 #63851 by fannlow
Replied by fannlow on topic XYUV toolpath generator
Hi Jfeeney,
were you able to get any cam software to run XYUV gcodes for you?

or are you still running the XYUV copy paste from the dxf2gcode?

i am also looking for the same thing...

so far, the only thing near is the commercial devfoam pro i have seen...

if you have anything, please share it =)

like wise, if I find something, I will post it here

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