Error- exceeds machine minimum on axis x and y

08 Jun 2011 22:41 #10380 by jobobeda
jobobeda created the topic: Error- exceeds machine minimum on axis x and y

I just recently switched to EMC2 ver Unbutu 10.4 installed from the live cd.

I installed on to a desktop computer dedicated to my cnc machine.

I moved from a windows based system to linux os. 1-i386 ( from the disk above)

The installation runs smooth and sounds better than ever, runs and cuts the axis sign gcode supplied in the sample files. what a change! What am I missing?


When attempting to run gcode generated from CamBam I get an error "Program Exceeds Machine minimum on axis X" and also Y.

Is this do to a configure error in EMC2 on my part?

My g code is generated through CamBam which I've used for a year or more.
I use the CamBam built in EMC2 post processor but added 2 more placeholders to the right of the decimal point where CamBam incicates numbers in the .pp

I made the placeholder change because I was having trouble with I and J in the ArcCenter choices in the pp and in the mops in CamBam but I don't think it related to the above problem as I no longer get I and J errors.

I would appreciate any enlightment on the errors above so that I can move on and maybe cut something other than the EMC2 Axis sign, which is great but, I have many CamBam projects I'd like to run and need to get on with it .

Any kind soles out there who will take pitty on a newby, and help me get my rudder out of the mud?

Attached file: Test Circle ArcCenter incremental.ngc
gcode of a simple 2 inch +, (2d circle), with a outside profile cut, 1/8th inch tool, cut width .250 target depth of .125. Generated in CamBam with EMC.PP

Thanks in advance,

09 Jun 2011 07:28 #10384 by cncbasher
cncbasher replied the topic: Re:Error- exceeds machine minimum on axis x and y
the program is thinking it is moving outside the physical limits of the machine set in the configuration , did you setup the x y axis configuration distances correctly
it's worth re-checking the configuration again , and include any machine or work offsets . could also be your placeholder positions
09 Jun 2011 09:00 #10386 by Rick G
Rick G replied the topic: Re:Error- exceeds machine minimum on axis x and y

Did you jog your machine to the actual position of the work you want to cut, then "touch off" or G92 to set the coordinates?
On the AXIS display you will see red numbers indicating any motion that would exceed your machine's travel.

Rick G
09 Jun 2011 10:46 #10387 by piasdom
piasdom replied the topic: Re:Error- exceeds machine minimum on axis x and y
you'll also need to check your limits in your axis.ini.
my x axis limits.

HOME = 0.0
BACKLASH = 0.0000
SCALE = 16000
FERROR = 0.05
MIN_LIMIT = -15.500 <
MAX_LIMIT = 15.500 <
HOME = 0.0
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