A couple of general questions

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I understand that the user defined commands M100 etc allow me to run an external program but would it be possible to set up a command that would send its parameters down a named pipe or down a socket? The reason I ask this is that I want to use height values from a large 2D array representing a profile (say 360 degrees range at 0.1 degree intervals), or from an even larger 3D array representing a surface. It would be sensible to write a server that only loaded its surface data once and then responded to height requests. I know that I could write a bash script to pass its parameters onto the server and returning the result but I wondered if this intermediary step could be eliminated and would there be any benefit? Also just out of interest how could I pass a third value in an M100 command as only two parameters P and Q are mentioned in the documentation?

Secondly, I have written some library code that uses the variable #1000 onwards as profile data prior to writing the server (ultimately still not enough space). I know that I can use an oword to call a subroutine on disk but what happens when that sub needs to call anothers and they are also loaded? Is this loading a 1 off into a cache or does a subroutine get loaded each time it is called? If the are loaded each time they are called is there some equivalent to #include that causes them to be loaded only once?


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I think that a definitive answer to those questions might require an email to the developers mailing list.
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