Latency 10.04 vs 8.04

19 Jun 2011 19:16 #10626 by lumberjack_jeff
I've been using 8.04 for a couple of years and recently become motivated to upgrade because I want to use a remote pendant and have read that 10.04 has better xbox gamepad support.

My machine is an old compaq 5401 rsh with S3 Virge video.

I installed 10.04 in a new ext4 partition. First issue is inadequate screen resolution over 800x600. I used the instruction at
to create an xorg.conf file to utilize the S3 Virge driver.

Second issue is latency. Hardy shows consistently under 18,000 base thread jitter. The new Lucid shows 160,000+ jitter.

Any suggestions? For the short term, I'll continue booting to the Hardy partition. I'm going to install htop on the Lucid partition to see what's hogging resources, but I'd love to hear any suggestions.
19 Jun 2011 22:39 #10633 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic Latency 10.04 vs 8.04
Do you have the SMI fix applied in 8 and not in 10?
19 Jun 2011 23:51 #10634 by lumberjack_jeff
Lumberjack's law:
No matter how many times you rtfm, you won' t find the solution to your problem until after you've asked the stupid question.

It turns out that the default S3 Virge driver is a resource hog - you have to use the vesa driver, just like it says in the manual.

Sorry for the fire drill. Works fine now.
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