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if you already know cnc router well, you can skip the introduction and jump right to our advice on how to choose a cnc router kit, and our partial list of cnc router manufacturers.

CNC router is a computer numerical controlled cutting machine that cut materials to desired 3D dimensions, shapes, and surface quality. The router machine moves its linear axis and rotational axis per predefined routes to accomplish the cutting of workpiece fixed at its table, thus the name “router”. The cutting operations include milling, engraving, boring, drilling, tapering, sawing; the materials it cuts include wood, metal, plastics, synthetic materials such as printed circuit board.

CNC router is very similar to a CNC RouterCNC milling machine, they share the same concept, the same machine structure, except that CNC router is much lighter, much more oriented to manufacturing smaller workpiece for leisure and lifestyle purpose, while CNC milling machine is more applied in traditional workshop producing industrial components. Another visible difference is that cnc routers are almost all of portal type (double column with crossrail) design, while the majority of cnc mills are single column machines, vertical or horizontal.

Many cnc routers are built in DIY, e.g. consumers buy the machines in parts, assemble them in their garage, write the CNC programs for machining the components of their own design. Due to its light application, light structure, simplified designed, CNC router is very cost effective compared to its industrial peer.
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Thank you, solid info there, just a minor addition, no links to Linuxcnc or forum.

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