tool table saving / retention ( Linuxcnc 2.7.8 )

18 Mar 2017 21:06 #89867 by cut2cut
cut2cut created the topic: tool table saving / retention ( Linuxcnc 2.7.8 )
I'm new to LinuxCNC ( 2.7.8 ). So far my tool table is not saving. Is there any known issue or am I just being a noob and missing something. Maybe its a "permissions" issue ? Maybe the default location for the file is important and it isn't looking in the right place ?

I would expect it to auto retain and load it every time I open LinuxCNC.

19 Mar 2017 01:18 #89873 by tommylight
tommylight replied the topic: tool table saving / retention ( Linuxcnc 2.7.8 )
Go to config folder right click on tool.tbl and choose properties, there you have permisions and uncheck the modify and write, leave only read active.
That way it can not write to it anymore.
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20 Mar 2017 00:12 - 20 Mar 2017 00:14 #89911 by cut2cut
cut2cut replied the topic: tool table saving / retention ( Linuxcnc 2.7.8 )
Thanks Tommy.

I'll try that but when I just fired it up I was able to save, close linuxcnc, and re-open and it persisted, twice. Maybe I was hitting the re-load table button which caused the issue ? This time I just hit the "save" button and closed the window.

On to other issues... my spindle rpm isn't changing via MDI code or in G-code. Seems to run full speed. However I can vary the speed via the spindle override, which is very proportional ( i.e. : 2% is a very slow and 50 is about half what I'd expect.... 100% is faster than my bearings can handle ). So when I run g-code or MDI code, I have to shut it down quickly or I'll smoke the bearings because it runs at full speed no matter what I tell it to do ( i.e. : M3 S100 ) I'm going to create a new thread to see if someone can suggest whats wrong.

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