How To add robot arm model into linuxCNC

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We can't see the pictures.
18 May 2018 16:51 #110844 by Wireline
Yeap looks like a multiple attachment problem, I had that before :) Seems better to attach one per reply
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18 May 2018 17:10 #110846 by Wireline
That button runs the gcode in the gcode preview window which is the linuxcnc logo by default. It is positioned badly for the puma and so it collides with itself. Try the pumaweld or might be called seamweld ngc file. Its in sim / axis / vismach / puma
18 May 2018 17:11 #110847 by andypugh
You probably need to "touch off" the tool position.

You almost never operate a CNC machine in the machine coordinate system, you always run in work coordinate system.

Typically this is with Z = 0 on the top of the material.

Often you will lower the tool until it actually touches the material to set the Z=0 height, and that is why it is called "touching off"

So, jog the arm so that Z is above the surface and then touch-off the Z height to zero and try running the G-code again.
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