AX5214H Dip switch settings

17 May 2018 03:25 #110807 by davidkeeton182
Would anyone happen to have the dip switch and jumper settings for the AX5214H board? I seem to have lost my paper work and am having some difficulty finding it online.

20 May 2018 19:31 #110932 by jmr
Replied by jmr on topic AX5214H Dip switch settings
I have quad 8255 isa board that works with ax5214h driver. The original board is made with some different chips but i do not think it could be much different.
What is it you need to set up? Should there be anything more than a bus address? If there is an IRQ it is possibly just jumpered to one of the IRQ pins on the ISA slot.
For the addres when I was not sure i ran a piece of code reading address from all of those suspected ports (and a lot more...). If I remember correctly, if the address was empty there was 0xff read. The card would represent continuous block of different data, and should move when you change the address jumpers, and change when you drive the input pins with 0 or 5V/logic 1. The first address with card data is the card address. If you want I can try to find that piece of code or recreate it - I bet that was just inb() in a loop, that is direct IO and requires UID=0, and hopefully no need for kernel hacking.
20 May 2018 23:20 #110938 by davidkeeton182
I was more curious about the actual dip switch settings for isa bus address. IT has been a long time since I played with the ISA card addresses. I understand how they work just am a little cloudy on the dip switch settings for the address and what needs to be done for the IRQ setting.

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