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I am looking for info on auxiliary relay control. I have several items I would like to control:
1. spindle (spindle)
2. dust vac (coolant mist)
3. vac table (aux1)
4. motor PSU's (aux2)
everything I keep finding just tells how to use "spindle" or "coolant mist" there must be a way to run a-lot more relays than that, can any one tell me how how or point to a tut?
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I'm finding it hard to believe that no one has figured out how to add more than 2 relays.. I am searching everywhere and all I can find is amateurs teaching other amateurs how to cut corners and use spindle and coolant mist. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that you may need those for an actual spindle and mist system. I personally would be embarrassed to do a TUT on how to cut corners especially if there where already 50 other vids.

Personal suggestion: Linuxcnc should come loaded with commands and drop-downs for up to 80 relays for stage effects, sound, and lighting professionals. I my self would like several for: spindle, mist, vac table, dust vac, laser, auto tool-change, material loader, material unload-er, abort, home, running/diag lights, camera, motor power supplies, bob shutdown, self shutdown. that's already 14
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If these are controlled by G-code, digital outputs of this kind are typically done using the M62 through M65

The default number of digital outputs controlled by M62 through M65 is
4 but it can be expanded to 64
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thanks man you're a hero.
17 Jul 2018 12:06 #114368 by andypugh
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If you search eBay for "Arduino SSR" you can find some nice multi-relay units.
(Though for some applications you would prefer actual physical relays. Again lots of those with 1 - 16 channels on eBay if you search for "Arduino relay"
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