Touch off rotary axis.

14 Jul 2018 08:42 #114163 by l2-max

My question is related mainly to AXIS GUI and might be to trajectory planer. From my yesterday findings I got that if I define GEOMETRY as to rotate around ABC (e.g. ABCXYZ) then linuxcnc treats all rotary axis stacked and fixed to machine table. Machine zero of the setup is intersection of all axises and by default it defined at HOME position. That is fine. "Issue" for me begins when I manually try to define new XYZ zero point different than HOME position by touch XYZ off. As LinuxCNC defines ABC fixed to machine table then it applies transformation to the trajectories inside preview e.g. if I increase Z axis then tool path is inflated, the same behavior applied if I touch off any other LINEAR axis in that setup.

My question is: How to setup ABC intersection to be always at XYZ intersection independently of HOME position (I remember Mach3 behaves that way)? E.g. If I reinstall my rotary axis I do not need to redefine XYZ home to match ABC intersection.

My actual machine setup is BXYZ (where B mounted on table and rotates around Y axis) thus in AXIS touching Y off only does exactly what I want, namely, offsets Y-zero point along machine table, however if I try the same with XZ then tool path in preview inflated/stretched as B axis location at machine table is not changed.

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