Anilam 3300MK Conversion - Quick question on DC power supply to servo drives.

14 Jan 2019 01:57 - 14 Jan 2019 02:07 #124132 by dangercraft
Hello everyone.
I'm starting a new retrofit on a new-to-me milling machine that came with an Anilam 3300MK control. I plan on swapping out the control but keeping (for now) the DC servos and drivers. I've already bought a MESA 6I25 + 7I77 combo to interface with the hardware, a 24V power supply for the IO's and I already have a suitable PC to run LinuxCNC. In my previous retrofits, I have always used 3P AC Servos and I am a little unsure with the way the power supply for the DC servo drivers is hooked up after I get rid of the Anilam gear so I wanted to make sure I understood correctly before I go and screw anything up. As far as I can tell, currently there are 2 ports (P1 #3 & #4) on the Anilam "Servo Control Board," that leads to an individual bridge rectifier (with a 15A fuse before one of the legs) which then leads to a (rather large) smoothing capacitor with a bleeder resistor across its poles and from this capacitor, all three servo drivers are fed. When I measure the voltage coming out of the servo control board I get 122-126V and when I measure past the rectifier I get 170.8V (just as expected). I also noticed that on the drivers, there is no "servo enable" pin, however, I also found that when the E-Stop is pressed on the control panel, power is cut from the servo control board to the drivers, so I am guessing the servo-enable, comes from the drivers being powered up.
OK, so here's my question:
When I get rid of the Anilam electronics do I just feed the bridge rectifier 120V from, say, a solid state relay and activate it from a 7I77 servo-enable output?? That just seems too easy... Am I missing something?
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14 Jan 2019 19:54 #124180 by BigJohnT
Not sure how close the 3300 is to the 1100M I converted a few years back but here is some photos of it and one of the el cabinet. I have a solid state relay that is controlled by my 7i77 so when the power button is on the drives are energized.

14 Jan 2019 21:09 #124184 by dangercraft
14 Jan 2019 23:53 #124199 by BigJohnT
Oh the other thing that took me a while to sort out is the enable goes to ground on the 1100M drives.

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