G-Wizard CNCCookbook configuration with Linuxcnc

02 Feb 2019 21:59 #125563 by kborsum
I recently encountered a program called G-WIZARD from Bob Warfield at CNCCookbook.com. It appears to be a REALLY useful package, particularly with the G-code editing with hints and explanations of the G-codes as they are used, and the simulation it provides...also the blogs and training emails from Bob are really interesting and useful, and well worth subscribing to.
HOWEVER I have been unable to get the setup/configuration wizard to let me set it up specifically for Linuxcnc, which the author insists the program supports, but can't/won't help me set up.
Has anyone else encountered this problem, and do you have a solution, since nothing is forthcoming from the author?
05 Feb 2019 13:47 #125726 by pl7i92
THE Stepcon Wizard does its JOB quit nicly
then you got full control of the textfiles generated

With Help in the IRC LIVE you are as 1ßß people sitting around you helping

No more is needed
13 Feb 2019 16:57 #126354 by andypugh

pl7i92 wrote: THE Stepcon Wizard does its JOB quit nicly

G-Wizard and Stepconf are entirely different things
13 Feb 2019 17:00 #126355 by andypugh

kborsum wrote: HOWEVER I have been unable to get the setup/configuration wizard to let me set it up specifically for Linuxcnc,

Can you give a bit more information about what isn't happening? (It seems a little more than trivial to get a version of G-wizard to experiment with)
13 Feb 2019 19:11 #126373 by kborsum
During setup with G-Wizard there is a pop-up frame that supposedly lists all of the available post processors including LinuxCNC. In my case, the frame contains the message that the post processors have loaded, but there is nothing in the list to select. I've attached a screen shot of what comes up when I hit the BROWSE button in the bottom right corner for the CNC COntrol (POST). BTW the same pop-up appears when I load the program. I have been totally unable to get anything to show up in the pop-up to select from. What you see is what I get.
FYI I've repeatedly sent this stuff to Bob as a service job, but have not gotten a solution back over the last three months that I've been using the program.
13 Feb 2019 19:23 #126376 by andypugh
I assume that what it says isn't true? ie clicking "OK" does not then allow you to press the ... button to the right of the "CNC Control (post)" text box and select LinuxCNC?
13 Feb 2019 20:54 #126385 by kborsum
You got it. I've tried running it without the AVG anti-virus running as well...no joy there either.
I paid for the product a month or two ago, on the assumption this issue could be easily resolved, but I'm about ready to request a refund.
13 Feb 2019 21:01 #126387 by andypugh
Well, you are running on Windows, so the software should at least work...
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13 Feb 2019 21:58 #126396 by kborsum
Yup---the G-wizard seems to run generically quite well, but I know there a G-codes in LinuxCNC that a either differently configured, or don't exists. And I hate wasting time debugging code of any sort.

And software authors who are not interested in knowing about bugs in their software (and won't spend time to fix them) are one of my pet peeves.

Such is life, I suppose.
Thanks for at least looking at the problem.
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