Testing of 7i76e stepper outputs

10 Feb 2019 14:13 #126146 by AuricGoldfinger
Hi over there,
just converted my old deckel FP3L mill to linuxcnc.
The general purpose IOs of the 7i76e work (I can switch on my drives supply, coolant pump and spindle from Linuxcnc), but the stepper outputs are dead.
Aready checked with an external scope for pulses. nothing.
Used the wizards to generate the HAL file. Linuxcnc was fresh installed with all updatesand realtime kernel last month.

Is there an easy way, program or sample HAL file to just test the stepperoutputs?
I have not connected the endstop switches yet. (missing some terminal block connector bar hardware parts...) Are the outputs maybe suppresed due to that?
Any ideas?

best regards

10 Feb 2019 14:19 #126147 by PCW
You can read back the GPIO pins that match the direction outputs
or just use a voltmeter on the direction pins and check that they change
when you jog in either direction

(the step pulses will be too short to catch with halshow or halscope)

No step outputs could also be a hal/ini file issue
13 Feb 2019 22:56 #126411 by andypugh
Can you post the HAL and INI files?
16 Feb 2019 07:26 #126599 by pl7i92
i did setup a Video on How to Messure a Parport
16 Feb 2019 09:27 #126602 by rodw
Did you happen to connect wires to the stepper controller enable terminals? If so remove the connection as its a dis-enable signal.
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