How to generate a ngc file from solidworks CAM

12 Feb 2019 16:07 #126279 by Kawafuji
Hi! i'm Kawafuji, Japanese.
I'm poor in writing English, sorry.

I bought a milling machine (PSF550- CNC), and it uses a linuxCNC by default.
I always design parts with SolidWorks, so i want to use SolidWorks CAM as software generating g-code.
However, SolidWorks can't generate .ngc files as g-code files.(it can generate .nc, .ncl, .cnc, .ncc, .txt file)

I came up with three solutions, and tried to do it.
My first solution is converting .nc file to .gnc file. i tried to convert it by myself because there are no converter in any web sites.
i found their rules(syntax), but i can't program to convert it automatically.(can convert it manually)
Second solution is to use Fusion360 not SolidWorks. i can generate .ngc file with Fusion360, but i seem to be not able to automatically recognize features. So, i abandon this solution.
Finally, i now tried third solution, questioning you.

I desperately searched and tried these solution, but i couldn't run a g-code file from SolidWoks due to poorness of my programming and English skills.
Therefore, i would like you to solve this difficult problem for me, for you may be good in programming and English.
13 Feb 2019 13:45 #126341 by pl7i92
if you added the Workpath
then simply klick on generate
use the Fanuc11 Mill
this will run on the Linuxcnc
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13 Feb 2019 15:14 #126348 by fc60
Greetings Kawafuji,

Is there an English Webpage for the PSF550- CNC machine you have?


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13 Feb 2019 17:29 #126359 by peterk6502
I use solidcam 2014 for linuxcnc, I have written my own post processor from samples and docs found on the internet. I will post my working version.
Copy all files LINUXCNC.GPP, LinuxCNC.PRP and LinuxCNC.vmid from the zip-file to the folder:
(check the directory of your installation)

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13 Feb 2019 17:37 #126361 by peterk6502
I thought you wanted a solidcam postprocessor, but I see now that solidcam is not the same as Solidworks CAM. This means that my previous post is not useful for you.
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14 Feb 2019 12:56 - 14 Feb 2019 13:05 #126447 by Kawafuji
Thank you for your advice!

i used Fanuc11 Mill .ctl in solidworks, but i couldn't generate a .ngc file.
i think a machine control(.ctl) which i use affects what file type i can generate.
What do you mean 'use the Fanuc11 Mill' ?

i use CAD/CAM on my windows PC, and run milling on the linux machine by my milling machine. So i need genarating such a nc file as .nc , .gnc, .ncc and so on.
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14 Feb 2019 13:04 #126449 by Kawafuji
Thank you for your advice in spite of my poor english!

what is 'post processor'?
it can convert a g-code file such as .nc to .ngc file?
if your postprocessor can do it, i want to rewrite your file to meet.
14 Feb 2019 13:06 #126450 by Kawafuji
thank you for adivising.

I don't know it, sorry.
14 Feb 2019 13:48 #126454 by Leon82
There should be a setting for the extension of the g code file.
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