Lack of pins on parallel port. Replace estop?

18 May 2019 22:34 #134223 by tommylight
Parallel port has 3 distinct working modes, the usual "out" that does 12 outputs and 5 inputs, the "in" that does 13 inputs and 4 outputs ( data pins D0 to D7 as inputs ), and the rarely mentioned "X" mode that does 8 outputs and 9 inputs.
So if you do not need all 12 outputs, set it to mode X and enjoy additional 4 inputs on pins 1,14,16,17.
In hal change
Loadrt ..........0x378 out <<or whatever the address is, replace "out" with "X" and test.
Not all parallel port can use that mode, all built in I have tested do work and all the PCI parallel cards I had with MosTech chips do work.
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