armbian buster xfce 5.10 arisc_pwm success

02 May 2021 07:43 #207606 by tjtr33
Hello MXMaster
wow wow wow
I installed and ran ok

I used the newest Armbian Buster with XFCE4 desktop
( on BOTTOM of page
NOT the top of the page which is a server only no desktop img.xz )

I made sure the system had internet usb keyboard and mouse
then i updated and upgraded.
Then I cloned your github
and ran the

all ran fine, no errors
( i'm amazed , thats a helluva script )

then i rebooted to the desktop with 3A_testa and 3T_test icons
I checked the .ini and .hal for 3A_test
It used no limit switches or estop switches so was suited to testing without hardware
Also , It used arsic_pwm for the step gen so it would test arisc stepgen ( now in pwmgen )

I've been running it a while now ( few hours) and all is good
I've run 3Dchips ( after removing the tool call due to .hal )
and the arc-Spiral and 3d_test circles all at max vel ok

I did get an "Unexpected RTdelay at 200000" message in the 1st run,
but have not been able to duplicate it

I have run 3D chips at 6Meter/minute now 10 times without any errors.

next i will hook up real hardfware.
and make some movies.

I tried to run latency-histogram
but I noticed that it said 'no isolcpus'.

Where can I put isolcpus=1,2,3 and idle=poll?
Its not in ArmbianEnv.txt, i triued there,
and boot.cmd has the big scary DO NOT EDIT header

I think it's not needed for the arisc, but for other code, it may be useful.

also, I can spin zoom pan AXIS 3dchips while running at 6meters/min fine.
There is some lag, but not enough to even slightly annoy me.

Thanks very much for working on this.
I knwo you said Patreon didnt work, got any other ways?


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02 May 2021 10:08 - 02 May 2021 10:18 #207612 by MX_Master
Hi, TomP.

I think you can write directly to this thread - or just PM me (mikhail WEBDOG vydrenko DOT ru) ;) To support the development try a Donate link here (some web pages are WIP) :)

`isolcpus ...` can be added to the armbianEnv.txt or directly to the boot.cmd inside setenv bootargs "... here ..."
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