Mesa 5i25/7i76 + driver leadshine DM2282 digital

12 Jan 2017 03:29 #85648 by PCW
Can you post your hal and ini files?

The servo period does not affect the maximum velocity

I have a test config that runs 120000 ipm =~ 90 MPH (10 MHz step rate) with a 1 KHz
servo thread

The step space really cannot affect whether the drive moves or not
(at least until you get to the high speeds)

Many chinese drives will not work at advertised timings
12 Jan 2017 19:33 #85664 by squan09
Here are the .ini and .hal files I am using. I am currently focused on the X axis so the others can be ignored. I am using the drive setup with 8x microstepping and it is not attached to any lead screws for testing. For now I would like to tune it to get performance similar to when I use the auto tune program supplied by Leadshine.

I am also using the drive in the common anode cofiguration (image attached), with PUL+ and DIR+ connected to +5Vp on pin 6 on the 7i76 nad PUL- and DIR- connected to STEP0- and DIR0- on the 7i76.

Please let me know if there is any other info I can provide and thanks for the help.
12 Jan 2017 19:57 - 12 Jan 2017 20:09 #85666 by PCW
A couple of observations:
I looks like you have only fixed the max_error and PID values for the X axis

also the X axis has some odd settings (max velocity of 50 IPS but max output of 6.25 IPS)
I would fix the max _error/PID values for all axis and remove all the max_output statements as a start

EDIT: in fact with the max_output setting of 6.25 and a step scale of 1600 and 1/8 ustep ratio (1" per turn)
I would expect to throw a following error at 375 RPM
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12 Jan 2017 20:24 #85667 by squan09
Thank you. Changing MAX_OUTPUT was exactly what I needed. I was not able to remove it though. I got an error that the variable was not found, so I just changed it to be equal to STEPGEN_MAXVEL. I've attached my updated .hal and .ini for reference.
12 Jan 2017 21:18 - 12 Jan 2017 21:18 #85670 by PCW
you would have to delete it from the hal file
( deleting it from the ini file will cause the hal file parser to bitch when it doesn't find the constant )
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