PnCConf with MESA 5i25 + 7i76 + 7i85

12 Feb 2018 20:54 - 12 Feb 2018 20:56 #105802 by Jan Weber
I still work on setting up my Deckel FP2NC with LinuxCNC. The configuration with the 5i25 and the 7i76 works fine so far. The motors move correctly.

Now I tried to add the linear scales (Heidenhain with EXE, TTL signals) to the configuration. I bought a 7i85 MESA card and connected it to P2 on the 5i25. I flashed the EEPROM with the matching bitfile (sudo mesaflash --device 5i25 --write 5i25_7i76_7i85) which I downloaded form the manufacturer´s website. The PINs readout looks OK to me.

After that I added the required files to the folder "lib\Firmware\hm2\5i25.

After starting pncconf I tried to choose my configuration and click on "Accept components Changes". I get an error message. I guess the 7i85 is not supported so far in PnCConf.

Does anyone have a suggestion how I can configure my setup using PnCConf? Thanks a lot in advance...

Greetings from Germany, Jan
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18 Feb 2018 19:37 #106147 by Jan Weber
Hi everyone,

I read a lot of threads dealing with the 7i85 and PnCConf in the last days. It seems to be not as simple as I thought... I there a way to add the tab for the 7i85 Pins manually?

So far I have the 7i76 working fine.

My intention was to add the glass scales für 3 axis by connecting the Heidenhain EXE to the 5i85. Im sure someone already had the same idea...

Best regards, Jan
18 Feb 2018 22:17 #106155 by raglanlittlejohn
I had to modify my hal file as below.(my config is 5i25/7i85S/7i78). this is for a lathe with encoders on x,z, spindle, and mpg. You can choose less encoders or stepgens, then more gpio's become available.
loadrt hostmot2
loadrt hm2_pci config="num_encoders=4 num_pwmgens=1 num_stepgens=2 sserial_port_0=0xxxxx"
addf servo-thread
addf hm2_5i25.0.write servo-thread
addf hm2_5i25.0.read_gpio
addf hm2_5i25.0.write_gpio
18 Feb 2018 23:38 #106162 by cmorley
Pncconf does not cover the 7i85 at this time.
It's beyond adding by hand

I would get the configure running without encoders first then (probably with help here) add the encode code manually.

Sorry hopefully in the future I will add the 7i85 to pncconf

Chris M
19 Feb 2018 04:11 #106165 by cmorley
It would be helpful if someone could post the HAL pins from the 7i85
and the info from mesaflash --sserial for the 7i85 might be useful

Chris M
22 Feb 2018 15:35 #106345 by Jan Weber
Hi Chris,

that is exactly what I am going to to. I reflashed the 5i25 to the 7i76x2 firmware and get my machine running so far. When everything works fine, I´ll try to add the linear encoders.

Which data do you need exactly? The pin readout from mesaflash is what I postet in the first picture. I though the sserial pinout depends on the kind of extension card to be connected...

22 Feb 2018 18:18 #106350 by cmorley
Hi Jan

I need the HAL pin names from the 7i85 daughter card. I assume you have that daughter card.
info from mesa flash with the sserial switch (mesaflash --device 5i25 --sserial) would be helpful I think too

What you posted was the firmware pinout of the 5i25

Chris M
22 Feb 2018 19:36 - 22 Feb 2018 19:42 #106352 by PCW
There really are no hal pins from the 7I85 card since its a passive device (4 encoders +5 RS-422 interfaces)
(depending on host firmware, It can support up to 5 sserial devices on the RS-422 interfaces which will of course create hal pins )

Of course you can list the sserial device pins with
halcmd show pin *7i84*
for example (once the required drivers are loaded)
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23 Feb 2018 00:13 #106361 by cmorley
ok I am starting to see.
How do we get only 4 encoders from 3 mux encoders?
at some point though won't some of the hal pins have '7i85' in them?

If a 7i85 actually changes nothing as far as pin names go or exposed components then we can ignore it.
but if the 7i85 adds anything to the pinnames or (for instance) doesn't expose all the components that the 5i25 firmware describes - then I must hard code that information in to pncconf.

i'm sure you meant show pin '7i85' :)

23 Feb 2018 00:28 #106363 by PCW
The 7I85 does not add any pin names, its just a passive device, only sserial devices
add additional pins names ( like the 7I84 I mentioned above )
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