Known Software Bug in PnCConf Wizard.

10 Feb 2019 08:03 - 11 Feb 2019 07:41 #126132 by Ferdl
Hi all,

I'm new in this forum but I use the linuxcnc a few years. Recently I'm building a new machine and during my machine setup configuration I found an software bug in the PnCConf Wizard.

My software programming experience let me identify the problem fast.

If the linuxcnc installation is in german language, the PnCConf Wizard has a problem to calculate the right Step-Motor-Scale values. The result will always a huge number the config will not run as expected.
Here is a example from Jan, he had the same problem:

I changed my linux installation from german to english language and the problem is gone. The PnCConf Wizard cannot interpret the decimal dot "." and comma "," in a right way. Therefore the calculation is totally wrong.

I hope this can help some user....

Maybe someone from the developer can read this and maybe solve the problem in the next software release. In the meantime - just use the english language :)

good luck
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11 Feb 2019 00:54 #126184 by cmorley
What version of linuxcnc are you using?

Chris M
11 Feb 2019 07:37 - 11 Feb 2019 07:57 #126190 by Ferdl
I use the latest release 2.7.14
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