PNCConf Config (Think Im missing something)

15 May 2019 08:42 #133825 by rodw
I recommend you create a table similar to this and always update it before you add a wire This is for my 7i76e including the MPG input for my pendant

So if I am looking for a hardware connection on the 7i76e, I use the left hand column but If I'm looking in halshow, I'll use the second column.

If you search for spaceship plasma you should find my build and on about page 4 there is a complete breakdown on how to wire in a MPG and an axis selection using a binary coded switch. Just note you need to change the mode in your hal.

It is best to just get a basic moving config with pncconf and not even worry about velocities and acceleration as its much quicker to edit the settings by hand in a text editor. When I installed mine, I just used another example and did everything by hand

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15 May 2019 11:21 #133827 by pl7i92
gewting one Axis or joint moving and then adding by hand is in most cases the best you go
or as it is a simple mashine like plasma use redsy made configs

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