Rectangle probe.ngc

02 Apr 2017 01:51 #90752 by rbarry1068
rbarry1068 replied the topic: Rectangle probe.ngc
Weeeeelll, I'm probing, but the rectangle_probe_result.txt file has some strange numbers in it. All the Z values are the same as the X values. I must have something in my .hal file messed up. I looked through the .hal file but couldn't see anything. I also ran the HAL METER app and the Z values seemed OK there. Any ideas?
02 Apr 2017 03:12 #90753 by dgarrett
dgarrett replied the topic: Rectangle probe.ngc
You have discovered a typo in the file rectangle_probe.ngc

Thanks for the report.

Patch applied for 2.7:;a...dd32d76161631b3ee6f4

Search rules are used for locating M files, please see:

Section 2.4 [RS274NGC]
USER_M_PATH --- defines search rules for finding M files

The default ini setting to use provided mfiles for ngcgui is:
USER_M_PATH = ../../nc_files/ngcgui_lib/mfiles

The sample M110 file is:;a...10;hb=refs/heads/2.7
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