27 Dec 2013 07:26 #42049 by cmorley
cmorley replied the topic: pyngcgui
Warning developer talk :)

Fullscreen with dialogs (the pop up keyboard is a dialog) is very difficult to get right.
It's the way GTK handles fullscreen and dialogs.

The dialog must have a reference to the main window, which I don't think is possible when the window is embedded.
The Gcode save-as dialog shows a similar problem (the menu panels show) which I can't fix (at least so far)
I should look at the PYNCGGUI's code for the dialog - maybe if it references a container that is embedded.....hmm

It would be better if PYNCGGUI was a widget, then
a) we wouldn't need the pop up window, (could use Gmoccapy's on screen keyboard)
b) if we did, we could pop one from the main window and send the commands to PYNCGUI.

Another possible fix is to have one of the program check to see if the dialog is hidden and re - realize it.
never looked at the details of that.

So unless I'm missing something I think (at the moment) your stuck with maximum screen if you wish to use the pop up keyboard.

Chris M
28 Dec 2013 04:21 #42077 by newbynobi
newbynobi replied the topic: pyngcgui
Hallo Chris,

I think there is an easy solution: I use my "notification" for error reporting and even in fullscreen, the "window" stays in front!
My notification is a popup window! So why not put the dialogs that give problems in popup windows?

notification is not jet a glade widget! But the code can be found under:

It should be easy to fit the keyboard to the popup window.

02 Jan 2014 14:45 #42277 by jbunch
jbunch replied the topic: pyngcgui
Here is sometihing that I have noticed.

When creating and running an NGCGUI file in gmoccapy. In the gcode window under
positional parameters it puts the default numbers not the parameters that you are going to run.
The actual call is correct.

02 Jan 2014 20:49 #42279 by dgarrett
dgarrett replied the topic: pyngcgui
fixed in master -- thanks for the report
20 Mar 2014 19:24 #45011 by mariusl
mariusl replied the topic: pyngcgui
Hi Dewey
I have noticed that since Norbert went solo with Gmoccapy your pyngcgui examples have disappeared from the sim directories. Is there a way for this to be fixed or do you want it to be removed? :whistle:
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