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Hi, folks. Just registered to show my last work results to the community.

The main idea of my work - it's using WEB techs to bring a new remote interface to the LinuxCNC. It's a good idea because such EMC interface can be opened with any web browser on the any device with any OS. You can use any Windows/Linux laptops and PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android phones and tablets and much more. Also you can choose an own way to connect your device to the EMC host. It's can be wired connection, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. And if you have more than 1 machine you can watch and control them just with 1 remote device.

My 1st code was based on the linuxcncrsh and halrmt components. We can connect linuxcncrsh and halrmt to any web page using websockets. For this work I chose the lighttpd webserver with custom websocket module. It works, but it's not easy to build and install. You can watch the results below:

A few months ago I decided to find another and more easy way to install this webface to the EMC host. I started to use Python interface and the websocketd . 1st test results:

If you want to try this test page, you can find the source here - websocketd_py_test .
Short instructions can be found here - INSTALL_EN .

Development is in progress..
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It looks very interesting. But I'm not sure how much I trust it to run real machinery. (I will need to play with it some.).
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andypugh wrote: Just a heads-up:

yep, but this tool uses as admin/config shell. My GUI uses to control the machine (like axis)
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