Gui for use with external buttons

21 Nov 2023 03:18 #286138 by spumco

This is a Longshot to say it mildly. I looked at your screen we don't have the same screen? I feel it looked quite similar


I just opened the standard PB screen and edited it in Qt5.  I didn't even rename any of the files - don't know how to get everything working with different names the couple times I tried.

Which means if I update PB my stuff will get overwritten.

Lcvette & Turboss tried to explain how I could create a branch with modifications a while back, but I was too computer-dumb to understand.

TBH, I have zero background or training in programming or all the other 'backstage' stuff.  I use computers every day, but neither I nor my circle of friends (or even aquaintences) have anything to do with computers beyond end-user activities.

I'll try to dig up the PB ui file.  Any other related files you need? I think there's a handler file or some .py gibberish too.  Give me a list and I'll zip it up for you.
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21 Nov 2023 13:41 #286166 by 4ndr344
I think the only files needed are the probe_basic.ui and or whatever it's called
And other if you have made any oljer changes.

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22 Nov 2023 16:45 #286231 by spumco
Modified PB files attached.  Let me know if you've got any questions.

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05 Jan 2024 11:10 - 05 Jan 2024 11:11 #289849 by HeikoCorpInc
Just stumbled over this thread.
A while ago I started to prepare gmoccapy to be controled by external buttons. I know updates will not be funny. Maybe the decision would have been different if I found this topic earlier.

However my vision is to control machine power, machine modes and jogging by external buttons.
To reduce external buttons I would like to control machine functions in a, lets call it, semi touch way.
Adding as many functions as needed to the ui, Selecting/activating a function through the touch screen.
The selected function will put all possible selections on the function keys.
The execution of the function is done through a physical function key.

At the moment I'm working without hardware, so I'm creating a virtual panel.
So far the panel is working parallel to gmoccapy.
Once the panel is fully functional I will try to modify gmoccapy as close as possible to my vision.

Don't know how it will look in the end, but I like all the possibilities linuxcnc provides.
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