More help with two steppers on one axis please

15 Jul 2017 17:44 #95821 by aaron
I have just spent another day battling with ini and hal files and loosing.

Can you tell me, should I be using gantrykins or trivkins. In some attempts I have been getting the error message: 'can't find gantrykins'?

After generating an xyza configuration from Stepconfig and editing the ini file do I need to edit the hal file as well?

I would still love to see example ini and hal files for a simple xyz axis / 0,1,2,3 joint stepper system that homes joints 0 &1 nicely together

15 Jul 2017 21:47 #95824 by Todd Zuercher
With Master, you only need to use trivkins. Gantrykins was made obsolete with the advent of JA in Master.

I am pretty sure there are example configs included with Master demonstrating just that.
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15 Jul 2017 23:27 #95829 by rodw
My KINS section of the ini file looks like this
KINEMATICS = trivkins coordinates=XXYZ

After editing your ini file to make the A another X axis, you'll need something like
KINEMATICS = trivkins coordinates=XYZX
Don't add anything else to this section. If you have kinstype=both on the KINEMATICS line, you must remove it
I would review the hal file for the A axis generated code. It may need correcting.

Maybe you could post up your hal and ini files
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16 Jul 2017 08:44 #95836 by aaron
Hello each and all
I want to thank every body who posted on this thread, from the bottom of my heart, for not giving up on me.
It now works better than I ever hoped it would
Very great respect
16 Jul 2017 09:27 #95837 by rodw
Aaron, you are welcome but you have to tell us what you did to fix it!
17 Jul 2017 08:09 #95870 by aaron
Oh no. Very embarrassed to say I spoke too soon
All axis home beautifully, but it will only jog on joint 0 of the X axis. This is a Hal problem, right?
I have attached hal and ini files in the hope that your pity/generosity can be extended a little further
Best and thanks
17 Jul 2017 10:05 #95874 by rodw
From what I can see, the error is in your .ini file. You have not told LinuxCNC there is a joint X axis and are still referring to Axis A which does not exist.

KINEMATICS = trivkins coordinates=XYZA

Should be
KINEMATICS = trivkins coordinates=XYZX

and this can be deleted or commented out
MIN_LIMIT = -10.0
MAX_LIMIT = 2430.0

In your hal file, this has is confusing but is not an error.
net home-a          <=

I'd probably make it
net home-x1          <=

But then you will need to change this line
net home-a => joint.3.home-sw-in

net home-x1 => joint.3.home-sw-in
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17 Jul 2017 16:33 #95922 by andypugh
Can you just clarify something? Do you actually have, or want, a rotary axis "A"?

In the joints-axis branch the letters XYZABCUVW only _ever_ refer to positions in cartesian workspace. They are a completely different thing than the motor movements that make the tool move to those positions and orientations.

The trivkins module is where the XYZABUVW commands in the G-code become commands to move each motor. If your HAL file has (possibly after values are read-in from the INI file)
loadrt trivkins coordinates=XXYZA
then the X-commands in the G-code are sent to the joint.0.motor-position-cmd _and_ the joint.1.motor-position-cmd pins. (and, in that example, A-commands in G-code are passed on to joint.4.motor-position-cmd)

The INI file [TRAJ]COORDINATES= section tells the interpreter what axis letters are valid G-code on the machine, and also tells the GUI which axes to display. [TRAJ]COORDINATES and trivkins coordinates= are not the same thing.
18 Jul 2017 07:05 #95957 by aaron
Thanks both very much
Thats done it. Finally.
Yes, I do have a rotary attachment so I did want to keep another axis in the mix somehow, but for now I am more than happy with just XY and Z.
Kindest regards
18 Jul 2017 08:07 #95960 by joel0407
I don't want to hijack your thread mate but I'm having similar problems working it out. I think I'm even further back than you are.

Are you using a Parallel port break out board? If so, how have you configured it? Stepconf doesn't give options for X1 and X2, just X. So do I use 2 x X pins? Or do I need to edit a INI or HAL file for advanced setup?
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